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About Sean Michael Williams

Creator of the Dream Music Series & Lyric-Lapsing

Sean Michael Williams was born and raised in San Jose, CA. His passion for film and video originated with his first handheld camera at the age of 13. Sean continued to film and create art through high school and had a strong talent for studio art. After graduating, he headed to Hawaii where he gained more experience with studio art techniques at Kapiolani College. He then transferred to San Diego State University where he pursued a degree in Art: with emphasis in Multimedia. Sean studied abroad in Australia for a year where he continued to film and learn photography. He graduated from SDSU in 2008 with a BA degree and shortly after invested in his first professional HD camera. He started an internship with MTV, working for Big Black Industries where he filmed pilot episodes for Christopher Boykins from the hit show "Rob & Big". Shortly after ending his internship, he decided to head back to Australia to gain more universal experience. He lived in AU for over a year, where he filmed for the ABC program "Bush Wacked" and a number of other projects. After filming his travels through SE Asia and Europe, he returned home to start freelancing. Sean linked up with a fellow video producer and together they created the internationally acclaimed 2-part web series, "Dream Music". Part 2 was featured as the number 1 video on YouTube and Vimeo for nearly a week. After 2 million views, it quickly garnered world wide attention through national TV shows in Germany, Paris and then made it to CBS News. Ashton Kutcher tweeted the video to his 14 million followers and Steve Wozniak praised it as, "Visually astounding" and said it was "The best music video I have ever seen". Sean has followed up Dream Music Part 2 with projects which include "Desolated", "Under The Minarets" and "All These Lights". Sean is a passionate and driven artist who strives to push the progression of his work and move the masses with a uniquely stylized perspective.

"My creative ambition fuels a dynamic passion, to manifest uniqely fresh art through any medium available. Whether it's a pencil, paint brush, camera or computer, I am driven to ignite emotion through unique artistic perspectives. Every new project comes with a goal, to produce the absolute best quality of work possible. This not only ensures my progression as a creative professional; More importantly, it guarantees the happiness and satisfaction of the client above all else."