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A Day Around Bodega Bay

My girlfriend Crystal and I headed out for a day on the coast in Bodega Bay. We crossed the hills where the blue sky ended and the coastal fog began. We decided to stop at the famous church where Alfred Hitchcock filmed 'The Birds' for a quick photo op. We continued onward after some snaps and headed for the Pacific. The cloud cover on the coast was thick and unworthy of filming, so we grabbed some fish and Chips at the BoatHouse and made our way back to Santa Rosa on the Bodega Highway. As we got further away from the coast, the blue sky emerged again and we decided to take a detour on the Bohemiem Highway up into the foggy hills. We ran into a little town called Occidental on accident and decided this quaint little mountain gem was worth exploring. As we walked down the sidewalk and gazed at all the small boutique shops, we ran into a smiling lady playing a fiddle. We decided to sit down and enjoy the soothing music. We tipped her and she agreed to let me film a few songs, as Crystal dreamily stared up at the blooming cherry blossoms. A friend of the musician had just arrived and was also listening, after the last song she put down the fiddle and began to create giant bubbles, giggling as she did so. Her friend started to tell us about a great mountain drive that we couldnt pass on. After half listening to the directions and laughing at Crytals amusement with the bubbles, we headed for the scenic highway. Running low on gas and high on curiosity, we drove the narrow one laned road through a thick forest of giant redwoods. We arrived at the top of the range where the fog quickly drifted across the green plains atop the summit. I snapped a few stills and clips before we headed back down the hill. The day was an unexpecxted pleasure and a relaxing local journey we won't soon forget. 'A Day Around Bodega Bay' short video clip coming soon.


A Day Around Bodega Bay